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MoRE Newsletter 2/2011
Contents of this newsletter (2/2011):

1. Editorial

2. Contributions

3. Reading Suggestions

4. New members

5. Evenst
MoRE Newsletter 2-2011.pdf
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MoRE Newsletter 1/2011
Contents of this newsletter (1/2011):

1. Editorial

2. Contributions

3. New publications

4. Conference abstracts

5. New members
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MO.R.E. Newsletter 1+2/2010
Contents of this newsletter (1+2/2010):

1. Minutes of MORE Informal Meeting, Bad Honnef (Germany), 2nd
October 2010

2. The Montessori Centre of the University of Muenster has to be

3. Last State of the Academic Edition of Maria Montessori’s Collected Works in German

4. First English Edition of Maria Montessori’s work Psychogeometry (1934)

5. Montessori Digital Library (Montessori Centre University Roma Tre)

6. Foundation of AMI Montessori Research Group

7. Montessori-Education in the Netherlands – An Individual Colour to a
Universal Method (by Jacqueline L. N. Hendriksen, Edith-Stein-College of
Education, Hengelo)

8. Important Montessori Dates in 2011

9. New Members of MO.R.E

10. Contents of Prior Numbers of the Newsletter MONTESSORI RESEARCH & MORE
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MO.R.E. Newsletter 2/2009
Contents of this newsletter (2/2009):

1. Theoretical contributions
1.1. Affordances for learning; Studying teaching in terms of the learning that the inherent pattern of variation and invariance makes possible: Maria Montessori’s Pedagogy as an example (by Prof. F. Marton & Ph.D student K. Signert, Gothenburg)
1.2. The Froebelian and Montessorian methods of educating young children as the basis for effective schooling today (by F. Douglas, Republic of Ireland)

2. Announcements
2.1 Prof. Harald Ludwig presents “Maria Montessoris Gesammelte Werke” Maria Montessori’s Collected Works
2.2 A presentation of the activities of the Swedish network Montessori Society M.E.R.
2.3 Rome Seminar “From Childhood to Adolescence with the Pedagogy of Maria Montessori”

3. Some additional news: The Theatrehaus Gessneralle Zürich is performing “Robinson oder die Insel der Visionen” a play discussing different pedagogical ideas.

4. Other information: Information from Montessori Europe
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MO.R.E Newsletter 1/2009
Contents of this newsletter (1/2009):

1. Theoretical contributions
1.1 Maria Montessori’s Contribution to Scientific Pedagogy
Lecture given at the doctoral course in “Innovation and evaluation of the educational systems” of the International Doctoral School “Culture, Éducation, Communication” - Department of Educational Design, University of Roma Tre.
(by Clara Tornar, Italy)
1.2 Montessori Method against the Background of Contemporary Educational Challenges
(by Beata Bednarczuk, Poland)

2. Empirical research
2.1 Some Recent Empirical Research on Montessori Education in Italy
(by Clara Tornar, Italy)
2.2 From Absorbent Mind to Metacognition. Montessori classroom as a context of child’s cognitive development (by Dorota Zdybel, Poland)

3. Some additional news
3.1 New Italian Edition of Maria Montessori’s “From Childhood to Adolescence”
3.2 Rome Seminar “From Childhood to Adolescence with the Pedagogy of Maria Montessori”
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MO.R.E. Newsletter 2/2008
Contents of this newsletter (2/2008):

1. Presentation of new members of MORE (biographical note; contact; selected
publications) (Continuation of the presentation in Newsletter 1-2008)

2. A report on the Montessori Congress of Montessori Europe at Oxford in 2008
by Liene Hendriksen (Teacher College of Hengelo, The Netherlands)

3. Introduction to an international project: Maria Montessori (1870-1952) – Education for Centuries (by Prof. Dr. habil. Ryszard Kucha, Maria Curie- Sklodowska University Lublin, Poland)

4. Reports on recent empirical research on Montessori education, especially in Germany

5. Some additional news
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MO.R.E. Newsletter 1/2008
Contents of this newsletter (1/2008):

1.) Introduction to the new network MORE (=MOntessori Research Europe)

2.) Presentation of the members of MORE (biographical note; contact; selected

3.) Reports on important Montessori research centres in Europe: University of Muenster (Germany); Roma Tre University (Italy); State University of Belgorod (Russia)

4.) Report on recent research on Montessori education in Germany: A survey of research on Montessori Education in early childhood (by Hildegard Holstiege, Gemany)

5.) Some additional news
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