Minister praises Montessori Schools: An important complement to the school system

The ministry for school and further education announces: To this years centenary Barbara Sommer honors the merits of the Montessori Pedagogy as an important complement to the regular school system. “The Montessori Schools in North Rhine-Westphalia realize the curricula and guidelines of the federal state (Bundesland). But they achieve their goals in their very own way.” the minister said.


In January 1907 Maria Montessori opened her first “Casa dei Bambini” (Children’s House) in the poor district San Lorenzo in Rome. Therewith she enabled the working class children in Rome to have a school education. Right from the beginning the education of the whole personality was important to her. The principle “Help me to do it myself” clearly shows that the concept of new education orientates on the child and consequently respects his needs. Maria Montessori demanded an atmosphere of personal trust between teachers and students in class. Her prior aim of education was to lead every child to his or her independence and autonomy.


This very day the principles also apply in the 42 Montessori Schools in North Rhine-Westphalia. 10.430 students in different schools visit a Montessori Class, 5.601 of them visit a Montessori Class in a Primary School. “Montessori Schools as a complement to the regular schools are a vital part of the school system in North Rhine-Westphalia.” the minister said.


The teachers of the Montessori Schools make use of differentiated class forms like free work, group work, project work, or ordinary lessons and give the children free moving space and the possibility of co-management concerning the choice of work, choice of the partner or learning time.


“Maria Montessori’s concept still gives important impulses for an individual advancement of students and a developing of teaching classes according to the school regulations”, says Minister Sommer.


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